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Input column can be of Integer or Decimal type. Non-numeric data in the column is ignored. If a row contains a missing or null value, it is not factored into the calculation.

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D code

pivot value:KTHLARGESTUNIQUE(myRating, 3) group:postal_code limit:1

Output: Generates a two-column table containing the unique values in the postal_code column and the Output: Returns the third highest unique value from the myRating column for that postal_code value. The limit parameter defines the maximum number of output columns.

D s

D code

pivot value:KTHLARGESTUNIQUE(function_col_ref, k_integer) [ group:group_col_ref] [limit:limit_count]

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
function_col_refYstringName of column to which to apply the function
k_integerYinteger (positive)The ranking of the unique value to extract from the source column