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Generates the minimum value of rows in each group that meet a specific condition. Inputs can be Integer, Decimal, or Datetime.


NOTE: When added to a transformation, this function is applied to the current sample. If you change your sample or run the job, the computed values for this function are updated. Transformations that change the number of rows in subsequent recipe steps do not affect the values computed for this step.

To calculate the minimum value of rows without conditionals, use the MIN function. See MIN Function.

D s

D s

D lang syntax
WrangleTextpivot value: minif(testScores, testCount >= 3) group:studentId limit:1

minif(testScores, testCount >= 3)


Name of the column whose values you wish to use in the calculation. Column  Inputs must be a numeric ( Integer or Decimal) type, Decimal, or Datetime values.


NOTE: If the input is in Datetime type, the output is in unixtime format. You can wrap these outputs in the DATEFORMAT function to generate the results in the appropriate Datetime format. See DATEFORMAT Function.

D s

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString that corresponds to the name of the columnmyValues