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The VALID function simply tests if a value is valid. See VALID Function.

D s

D code

derive type:single value:IFVALID(myZip,'ZipCode', 'ok') as:'myZipCheck'


Output: Returns the value ok if the value in myZip matches the ZipCode data type. 

Data type with formatting options:

For data types with formatting options, such as Datetime, you can specify the format using an array, as in the following:

D code

set col: validDate value: IFVALID(myDate, ['Datetime','mm-dd-yy','mm*dd*yy'], 'true')

Output: Sets the values in the validDate column to Output: Returns the value true, if the corresponding value in the myDate column is a valid Datetime value in yy-mm-dd or yy*mm*dd format.

D s

D code

derive type:single value:IFVALID(column_string, data_type_literal, computed_value)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
source_valueYstringName of column, string literal or function to be tested
datatype_literalYstringString literal that identifies the data type against which to validate the source values
output_valueystringString literal value to write