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At the top of the data grid and the column browser, the Transformer toolbar provides quick access to common transformations.

When a tool is selected from one of the drop-downs in the toolbar, a new step is inserted into the current location in your recipe with some of the transformation's parameters pre-specified for you. You can then finish specifying the parameters of the transformation in the Transform Builder.

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Transformer Toolbar


Replace cell values based on data type validation, string literals, or patterns. See Replace Groups of Values.


Extract string or numeric values using data validation, literal matches, or patterns.  See Extract Values.


Format String and Datetime values using a variety of functions.

Create column by examples

Define transformations by mapping output values from a set of input values. After you specify a few values, 

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 may be able to interpret the other ones for you. See Create Column by Example.

Group by

Compute aggregation functions for values grouped by columns. Output is new table or one or more columns in the current dataset. For more information, see Create Aggregations.


Join the current dataset with another dataset using a pair of matching keys.

See Join PanelWindow.


Add the rows of data from one or more datasets to your current dataset.




NOTE: This menu is only available in the Column Browser.

Select all or no columns, or invert the currently selected columns. See Column Browser Panel.


Click the Macros icon to open the menu:

  • Insert macro: Search for or select the name of the macro to apply. When a macro is selected, it is opened in the Transformer Builder, where you may specify any parameter values to apply to the macro. See Apply a Macro.
  • Manage in Library for Data page: Review available macros. For more information, see Macros Page.
  • Create macro: Enter a name and description for the macro to create. See Create or Replace Macro.

For more information, see Overview of Macros.

Find Column

Locate a column in your dataset by typing in the textbox. For more information, see Data Grid Panel.



NOTE: Filtered data is hidden from display. It is not removed from the sample or the dataset during execution.

See Filter Data.

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