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At the top of the data grid and the column browser, the Transformer toolbar provides quick access to common transformations.

When a tool is selected from one of the drop-downs in the toolbar, a new step is inserted into the current location in your recipe with some of the transformation's parameters pre-specified for you. You can then finish specifying the parameters of the transformation in the Transform Builder.




NOTE: This menu is only available in the Column Browser.


  • Insert macro: Search for or select the name of the macro to apply. When a macro is selected, it is opened in the Transformer Builder, where you may specify any parameter values to apply to the macro. See Apply a Macro.
  • Manage in Library: Review available macros. For more information, see Macros Page.
  • Create macro: Enter a name and description for the macro to create. See Create a or Replace Macro.

For more information, see Overview of Macros.



NOTE: Filtered data is hidden from display. It is not removed from the sample or the dataset during execution.

See Filter Data.

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