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  • Statistics may vary depending on the column's data type. For example, the statistics retained for states may be different from the statistics for strings.
  • Most of these statistics are available in the column details panel, which can be opened from the left side of the Transformer page. See  See Column Details Panel.

Below, you can review general statistics maintained for each data type, followed by breakdowns of statistics for each specific type of data.


These statistics are available for most types of data through the Column Browser.

  • For string types (String, Phone Number, Social Security Number, Boolean, Email Address, Credit Card Number, Gender, IP Address, URL, HTTP Code, Date/Time), these stats measure string length.
    • For structured string types (Phone Number, Social Security Number, Boolean, Gender, IP Address, HTTP Code, Date/Time), any variation in these numbers indicates data problems.
  • Does not apply to: State


The following functions can be applied to a set of columnar data taken from one or more columns in your dataset. Unless otherwise noted, these functions apply to numeric data. For more information, see see Aggregate Functions.