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  1. Set the node where
    D s product
     is to be installed. 
    1. Review the System Requirements and verify that all required components have been installed.
    2. Verify that all required system ports are opened on the node. See System Ports.
  2. Review the Desktop Requirements.



    D s product
    requires the installation of Google Chrome on each desktop. Additionally, two plugins must be enabled and of sufficient versions to properly use the Photon running environment.

  3. Review the System Dependencies.


    NOTE: If you are installing on node without access to the Internet, you must download the offline dependencies before you begin. See Install Dependencies without Internet Access.

  4. Acquire your License Key.
  5. Install and verify operations of the datastore, if used.


    NOTE: In some cases, access to the Hadoop cluster is required.

  6. Verify access to the server where the

    D s platform
     is to be installed.

  7. Databases: Initialize the 

    D s item
     in the Postgres environment. See Set up the Databases.

  8. Hadoop: Additional steps are required to integrate the
    D s platform
     with Hadoop. See Prepare Hadoop for Integration with the Platform.
  9. Other system software must be prepared prior to install. See  Preparing Related Software.


1. Install Dependencies