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Required Platform Configuration Steps

Configure Shared Secret

To manage cookie signing, the platform deploys a shared secret, which is used for guaranteeing data transfer between the web client and the platform. 

At install time, the platform inserts a default shared secret. The default 64-character shared secret for the platform is the same for all instances of the platform of the same version. This secret should not be used across multiple deployments of the platform.


NOTE: If your instance of the platform is available on the public Internet or if you have deployed multiple instances of the same release of the platform, cookies can become insecure across instances when the secret is shared across instances. You should get in the habit of changing this value for each installation of the platform.

Please complete the following steps to change the shared secret.


  1. D s config
  2. Locate the following parameter:

    Code Block
    "sharedSecret": <64_character_value>
  3. Modify the current value. The new value can be any 64-character string. 
  4. Save your changes.

Other Required Configuration

The following configuration steps must be reviewed and completed for all deployments of the 

D s platform