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Tip: Before you begin transforming, you should know the target schema that your transformed data must match. A schema is the set of columns and their data types, which define the constraints of your dataset.


Tip: If you want to match up against the target schema, you can import a dataset to serve as the target schema to which you are mapping. For more information on this advanced feature, see Overview of Target Matching.

Recommended Methods for Building Recipes


  • Remove unused columns
  • Address missing and mismatched data
  • Change data types
  • Improve consistency, validity, and reliability of the data

D s minrows

First recipe steps:

When a dataset sample is first loaded into the Transformer page,

D s product
 attempts to split out the raw data to form regular, tabular data. If your data appears to contain a header row, it can be used for the titles of the columns.


  1. Click the Search icon in the menu bar.

  2. In the Search panel textbox, type:

    D code


  3. The transformation is displayed in the Transform Builder. If you need to specify a different row to use, you can specify a specific row number to use in the Row textbox.
  4. To add this or any transform in development to your recipe, click Add. This button is disabled if the step is invalid.