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  1. In the menu bar, click the Settings menu. Then, click your 
    D s item
  2. The User Profile page for your account is displayed:

    D caption
    User Profile page
  3. The following settings apply to S3 access. 


    NOTE: The values that you should use for these settings should be provided by your S3 administrator. If they have already been specified, do not modify unless you have been provided instructions to do so.

    AWS Access KeyThis key defines the account to use to connect to AWS.
    AWS SecretThe secret (or password) associated with the key.
    S3 Default Bucket

    This bucket is used for storage, unless another bucket is explicitly selected.


    NOTE: Specify the top-level bucket name only. There should not be any backslashes in your entry.

    Additional BucketsYou can specify a comma-separated list of additional S3 buckets that are available for storage.
  4. Make other changes as needed. 
  5. To apply the changes, click Save.