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Counts the number of instances of a specified pattern in a column and writes that value into a newly generated column. Source column is unchanged. 

D s

D code
countpattern col: myCol on: 'honda'

Output: Generates a new column containing the number of instances of the string honda that appear in each row of the column, myCol

D s

D code

countpattern col:column_ref [ignoreCase:true|false] [after:start_point | from: start_point] [before:end_point | to:end_point] [on:'exact_match']

TokenRequired?Data TypeDescription
countpatternYtransformName of the transform
colYstringSource column name
ignoreCaseNbooleanIf true, matching is case-insensitive.


D code

countpattern col: MyCol after: 'Importantentry:'

Output: Counts  Counts 1 if  if there is a value that appears anything that appears in the MyCol column value after the string Important:  of value in  MyCol If the after value does string entry:. If the value entry: does not appear in the column, the output value is is 0.

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