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Computes the maximum value found in all row values in a column. Input column are permitted to be of Integer or Decimal. 

  • When used in a pivot transform, the function is computed for each instance of the value specified in the group parameter. See Pivot Transform.
  • If a row contains a missing or null value, it is not factored into the calculation. 
  • If no numeric values are found in the source column, the function returns a null value.

For a version of this function computed over a rolling window of rows, see ROLLINGMAX Function.

D s

D code

pivot value:MAX(myRating) group:postal_code limit:1

Output: Generates a two-column table containing the unique values from the postal_code column and the maximum value of the myRating column for the postal_code value. The limit parameter defines the maximum number of output columns.

D s

D code

pivot value:MAX(function_col_ref) [group:group_col_ref] [limit:limit_count]

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
function_col_refYstringName of column to which to apply the function

For more information on the group and limit parameters, see Pivot Transform.

D s lang notes


Name of the column the values of which you want to calculate the maximum. Column must contain Integer or Decimal values.

  • Literal values are not supported as inputs. 
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.

D s

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference)myValues

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EXAMPLE - Statistical Functions
EXAMPLE - Statistical Functions

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