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The ISMISSING function tests whether a column of values is missing or null. For input column references, this function returns true or false.

  • You can define a conditional test in a single step for valid values. See IFMISSING Function.
  • Missing values are different from null values. To test for the presence of null values exclusively, see ISNULL Function.

D s

D code

delete row:ISMISSING(Qty)

Output: Deletes any row in which the value in the Qty column is missing. 

D s

D code

delete value:ISMISSING(column_string)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
column_stringYstringName of column or string literal to be applied to the function

D s lang notes


Name of the column or string literal to be tested for missing values.

  • Missing literals or column values generate missing string results.

Multiple columns can be specified as an array, as in the following:

D code

delete value:ISMISSING([col1,col3,col5])

  • Column ranges are not supported.
  • Wildcards are not supported.

D s


Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal or column referencemyColumn

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