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D toc

Extracts the query parameters of a URL into an Object. The Object keys are the parameter's names, and its values are the parameter's values. Input values must be of URL or String type.

This function is part of a set of functions for processing URL data.


D s

URL literal examples:

D code

derive type:single value: URLPARAMS('' ) as: 'myURLParams'

Output: Generates the myURLParams column containing the following Object:

Code Block
{"color": "blue","shape": "square"}

Column reference example:

D code

derive type:single value: URLPARAMS(myURLs) as: 'myURLParams'

Output: Generates the new myURLParams column containing the query parameters extracted from the URLs in the myURLs column. 

D s

D code

derive type:single value: URLPARAMS(column_url)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
column_urlYstringName of column or String or URL literal containing the parameters and their values to extract

D s lang notes


Name of the column or URL or String literal containing the query parameters and their values to extract.

  • Missing input values generate missing results.
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.

D s


Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal or column reference (URL)

D s

Example - Domain, Subdomain, Host, and Suffix functions

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EXAMPLE - Domain Functions
EXAMPLE - Domain Functions

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