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Finds the host value from a valid URL. Input values must be of URL or String type and can be literals or column references.

In this implementation, a host value includes everything from the end of the protocol identifier (if present) to the end of the extension (e.g. .com).

D s

URL literal examples:

D code

derive type:single value: HOST('' ) as: 'myHost'

Output: Generates a column containing the value

Column reference example:

D code

derive type:single value: HOST(myURLs) as: 'myHost'

Output: Generates the new myHost column containing the host values extracted from the myURLs column. 

D s

D code

derive type:single value: HOST(column_url)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
column_urlYstringName of column or String or URL literal containing the host value to extract

D s lang notes


Name of the column or URL or String literal whose values are used to extract the host value.

  • Missing input values generate missing results.
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.

D s


Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString literal or column reference (URL)

D s

Example - Domain, Host, Subdomain, and Suffix functions

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EXAMPLE - Domain Functions
EXAMPLE - Domain Functions

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