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  • To add a selected suggestion card to your recipe, click Add.
    • To modify a suggested recipe step, select its suggestion card and click Edit. See Transform Builder.
  • Click the Edit icon to toggle display of the Recipe panel, where you can review the current recipe for your dataset. See Recipe Panel.
    • To add a new recipe step from scratch mouse over the Edit icon and then click the Plus icon. Search for the transformation to add. See Search Panel.
  • To review details about an individual column, select Column Details from the column drop-down. See Column Details Panel.
  • To review details about a selection of columns, click the Column View icon in the Transformer bar. See Column Browser Panel



  • You can reorder the rows based on the values in a column. From the Column menu, select Edit Column > Sort. For more information, see Column Menus.

D s ordering


Transformer Toolbar

At the top of the data grid, you can use the toolbar to quickly build common transformations, filter the display, and other operations. See Transformer Toolbar.


In a wide dataset, click the Find icon in the Transformer toolbar to locate the column of interest.

D caption
Find column search bar


  • Use the up and down arrows to view the list of the columns in the dataset.
  • You can start typing a column name to filter the list.

D s minrows

Column Information

D caption
Column header, data quality bar, and histogram


For more information on the schema tags, see Column Browser Panel.