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Through the Connections page, you can add new connections or modify the connections that you have already created. Select Settings menu > Connections.


NOTE: In your environment, this feature may be available to administrators only. For more information, please contact your

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Connections page


  • Name: Display name for the connection.


    NOTE: If the connection has been shared, you can review whether its credentials have also been shared.

  • Type: The type of connection.


    NOTE: After you create a connection, you cannot modify its type.

    For more information, see Connection Types.


  • Shared: Review the sharing status of the connection:
    • Global - connection has been shared with all users of the platform.


      NOTE: To make a global connection private, you must delete the connection and recreate it.

    • X Users:
      • If this value is 1, the connection is private.
      • If this value is greater than 1, the connection has been shared.
        Click the link in this column to review sharing status. See Share Connection Window.