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*(“all values”) - Wildcard to match all possible values in the field. For example, if you wanted your trigger to fire every minute of the 10pm hour, the minute character in the expression is *. An example is below.
-Specify a range of values. For example, you could use 1-5 in the day-of-week field to match the work days of the week (Monday through Friday). An example is below.
,Specify a discrete set of values. For example, an entry of 1,10,20,30 for the day of month field is triggered on the 1st, 10th, 20th, and 30th (if possible) of the month.
/Specify increments of the field in the units of the field. For example, 5/20 in the minutes field matches on the 5th, 20th25th, and 45th minute of each hour.

Last value accepted in the range is accepted in the following fields:

  • Day-of-month: Specifies the last day of the month for the currently selected month value.
    • In January, this value matches with 31.
    • In February, this value matches with 28 for non-leap years.
    • In April, this value matches with 30.
  • Day-of-week:
    • By itself, it specifies the last day of the week, which matches with 6 (Saturday).
    • When used with another value, it specifies the last matching value for the month. For example, 3L is the last Wednesday of the month.

Specifies the nearest matching weekday. For example, an entry of 22W in the day-of-month field matches on the nearest weekday to the 22nd of the month. If the 22nd is a Saturday, then the cron job matches on the 24th (the following Monday).


Tip: LW can used in the day-of-month field to match on the last weekday of the month.


Specifies the nth day of the month. Examples for the day-of-week field:

  • 3#4 - fourth Tuesday of the month
  • 5#2 - second Thursday of the month