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This example illustrates the following functions:

  • LIST - Extracts up to 1000 values from one column into an array in a new column. See LIST Function.
  • LISTUNIQUE - Extracts up to 1000 unique values from one columninto an array in a new column. See LISTUNIQUE Function.

You have the following set of orders for two months, and you are interested in identifying the set of colors that have been sold for each product for each month and the total quantity of product sold for each month. 


D code

set col:Date value:DATEFORMAT(Date, 'MMM yyyy')

You can use the following transform to check the list of unique values among the colors:

D code

pivot value: LISTUNIQUE(Color, 1000) group: Date limit:10

Jan 2015["green","blue","red","yellow"]
Apr 2015

Delete the above transform.

You can aggregate the data in your dataset, grouped by the reformatted Date values, and apply the LIST function to the Color column. In the same aggregation, you can include a summation function for the Qty column:

D code

pivot value: LIST(Color, 1000) SUM(Qty) group: Date limit:110


Jan 2015["green","blue","blue","red","green","red","yellow"]28
Apr 2015