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The following changes have been applied to 

D s lang
 in this release.

Release 5.1

D s lang
 now supports nested expressions

Beginning in Release 5.1, all 

D s lang
 functions now supported nested expressions, which can be arithmetic calculations, column references, or other function calls.


NOTE: This feature is enabled by default, as this change does not break any steps created in previous versions of the product. It can be disabled if needed. See Miscellaneous Configuration.


NOTE: This capability represents a powerful enhancement to the language, as you can now use dynamic inputs for all functions.

The following expression is a valid transform in 

D s lang
. It locates the substring in myString that begins with the @ sign until the end of the string, inclusive:

D code

derive value: substring(myString, find(myString, '@', true, 0), length(myString)

Nested arithmetic expressions:

Suppose you wanted just the value after the @ sign until the end of the string. Prior to Release 5.1, the following generated a validation error:

D code

derive value: substring(myString, find(myString, '@', true, 0) + 1, length(myString)

In the above, the addition of +1 to the second parameter is a nested expression and was not supported. Instead, you had to use multiple steps to generate the string value. 

Beginning in Release 5.1, the above single-step transform is supported.

Nested column references:

In addition to arithmetic expressions, you can nested column references. In the following example, the previous step has been modified to replace the static +1 with a reference to a column containing the appropriate value (at_sign_offset) : 

D code

derive value: substring(myString, find(myString, '@', true, 0) + at_sign_offset, length(myString)

Nested function references:

Now, you can combine multiple function references into a single computation. The following computes the total volume of a cube of length side and then multiplies that volume by the number of cubes (cube_count) to compute the total cube_volume

D code

derive type: single value: MULTIPLY(POW(cube_side,3),cube_count) as: 'cube_volume'

For more information, see Wrangle Language.

SOURCEROWNUMBER function generates null values consistently