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  • Use parameterized rules in imported datasets to allow scheduled jobs and API executions to automatically pick up the right input data.  See Overview of Parameterization.
  • Assign a new Target to your recipes to provide guidance during wrangling.  See See Overview of RapidTargetTarget Matching.

Transformer Page:

  • Search across dozens of pre-defined transformations. Select one, and the Transform Builder is pre-populated based on the current context in the data grid or column browser. 
  • Targets assigned to a recipe appear as column header overlay to assist users in aligning their dataset to match the dataset schema to the target schema. See Data Grid Panel.
  • Cancel in-progress sampling jobs. See Samples Panel
  • New toolbar provides faster access to common transformations and operations. See Transformer Toolbar.
  • Better intelligence for column matching during union operations. See Union Page.
  • Numerous functional improvements to the Join page. See Join Panel.