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Azure Storage LayerDescriptionRequired for

D s item
itemBase Storage Layer

Azure StorageAzure storage leverages WASB, an astraction layer on top of HDFS.


Data Lake Store

Data Lake Store maps to ADLS in the

D s platform
. This storage is an implementation of Hortonworks Data Platform and utilizes HDFS.

  • Azure AD SSO
  • Domain-joined clusters
    • Kerberos
    • Secure impersonation


Specify Protocol

In the Ambari console, you must specify the communication protocol to use in the cluster. 


NOTE: The cluster protocol must match the protocol in use by the

D s platform


  1. In the Ambari console, please migrate to the following location: HDFS > Configs > Advanced > Advanced Core Site > fs.defaultFS.
  2. Set the value according to the following table:

    Azure Storage LayerProtocol (fs.defaultFS) value

    D s platform
    config value

    Azure Storagewasbs://<containername>@<accountname>
    "webapp.storageProtocol""wasbs",See Set Base Storage Layer.
    Data Lake Storeadl://home
    "webapp.storageProtocol""hdfs",See Set Base Storage Layer.

  3. Save your changes.

Define Script Action for domain-joined clusters