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This client is the default client used by the platform.


Support for PNaCl desktop client is likely to be deprecated in a future release. Please upgrade your Google Chrome browser to 68+.

This client requires additional installation and enablement on the individual desktops in the environment. For more information, see Configure Desktops.


This client is the replacement for PNaCl. Beginning in Google Chrome 68, WebAssembly is available and enabled by default in the client.

D beta


NOTE: Google has indicated that PNaCl desktop client is being replaced by WebAssembly, which is a standards-compliant client supported by all major browsers. Even if you do not enable WebAssembly in this release, you should plan to upgrade all desktop to Google Chrome 68+.


Tip: Use of WebAssembly is recommended.


  • The current implementation of WebAssembly in this release is single-threaded, and performance may be impacted. 
    • Google has not yet implemented multi-threaded WebAssembly. 
    • When multi-threading is available, the Photon implementation will feature multi-threading.
  • Custom UDFs are not available with WebAssembly.
  • Progress bars are not displayed for actions in the Transformer page. This is a known issue.

Enable WebAssembly in the platform:

If you would like to enable use of WebAssembly, please do the following.

  1. D s config
  2. Locate the following parameter:

    Code Block
    "photon.mode": "pnacl",

  3. Set the above value to wasm.
  4. Save changes and restart the platform.

When the platform is restarted, all users connecting to the platform utilize their local desktop client for WebAssembly. No additional configuration is required.

Disable enforced type casting