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Tip: Before you begin transforming, you should know the target schema that your transformed data must match. A schema is the set of columns and their data types, which define the constraints of your dataset.


Tip: If you want to match up against the target schema, you can import a dataset to serve as the target schema to which you are mapping. For more information on this advanced feature, see Overview of Target Matching.

Recommended Methods for Building Recipes


  • Remove unused columns
  • Address missing and mismatched data
  • Change data types
  • Improve consistency, validity, and reliability of the data

D s minrows

First recipe steps:

When a dataset sample is first loaded into the Transformer page,

D s product
 attempts to split out the raw data to form regular, tabular data. If your data appears to contain a header row, it can be used for the titles of the columns.