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When you make selections in the Transformer page,

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 responds by posting a set of suggestions for transforms transformations to apply to the selected data in the sample. You can experiment with these suggestions to see what properly transforms transformations your data.

Select Something


  • Select categories of values in the data quality bar.
  • Select one or more values in a column's histogram.


Transformation types without suggestions

The following types of transforms are not available through the suggestion cards. In most cases, these operations have too many parameters for a single set of selections to properly suggest the transformation.

Suggestion Cards

Based on your selections, relevant suggestions appear in suggestion cards:


In the suggestion cards, the label at the top identifies the transform transformation type that is being recommended, followed by a brief preview of how the selection might transform the data. 


  • Select the suggestion to use. After a suggestion is selected, the changes to the data are previewed in the Transformer page immediately. If there are multiple variants for the suggestion, verify that you are selecting the most appropriate one.
  • Select additional columns or values in the Transformer page. A different pattern-based set of suggestions is presented to you. Make your transform transformation selection.
  • Modify the suggestion. You may need to customize the suggestion to meet more specific requirements.
  • Start over. If you discover that you have selected the wrong example data, click Cancel. Start again. 



Tip: You can use the checkboxes in the status bar to display only the rows, columns, or both that are affected by the previewed transformtransformation.


Experiment away! Things to keep in mind: