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For a list of supported time zone values, see Supported Time Zone Values.

Extend Datetime parameter

A parameterized dataset can support only one Datetime parameter. If you have multiple parts of the path that contain date information, you can create a Datetime element for each part.


  1. Within the Define Parameterized Path, select a segment of text for which to create the first part.
  2. Create the Datetime parameter for this element. Remember to use the appropriate format for the part. For example, if you have highlighted a four-digit year for the part, the date format value should be: YYYY.
  3. Then, select the second element and click the Extend Datetime Parameter icon. 
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    Click the Extend Datetime Parameter icon to create additional parts to your Datetime parameter.

  4. In the dialog, you can specify the date format of the second element of your Datetime parameter. Matches are made on the two elements, as well as any static text in between them.

Add Variable

variable parameter is a key-value pair that can be inserted into the path.