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NOTE: When the new dataset is created, it is accessible only to the creator. Datasets can be shared with other collaborators. For more information, see Overview of Sharing.


From the results of wrangling your first dataset, you can create a new dataset. This dataset is wrangled in a separate recipe, the output of which can become a third dataset. In this manner, you can create sequences of datasets. 

Potential uses:

  1. You may want to handle data cleanup tasks in one set, before that data is made available to other users for customization for their needs.
  2. For security reasons, columns or rows of data may need to be dropped before the dataset is made available to other users.
  3. You may want to have different individuals working on each phase of the data transformation process. For example, one individual may be responsible for cleansing the data, while another may be responsible for transforming the data into final format.