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  1. Value and object remapping rules should be completed before you import the flow definition. The flow may be non-functional until the rules are applied.


    Tip: After you create your import rules, you can perform via API a dry run of the import. Any errors are reported in the response. Details are provided below.

  2. Value and object remapping rules are applied at the time of import. If you add new rules, they are not retroactively applied to release packages that have already been imported.
  3. When changing rules:
    1. Any previously rules applied to the same import object are deleted.
    2. You can apply multiple rules in the same change. 
    3. Rules are applied in the order in which they are listed in the request. Rules listed later in the request must be compatible with expected changes applied by the earlier rules. 
  4. In this release, value and object remapping must be completed via API. API usage is considered a developer-level skill. Examples are provided below.

NOTE: Import mapping rules do not work for parameterized datasets. If the imported dataset with parameters is still accessible, you should be able to run jobs from it.

Import Rule Requirements

  • If you are importing into the same instance from which you exported (Dev/Test/Prod on the same instance):
    • Import rules are not required.
    • If you want to use a different source of data in your Prod flow, you must create import rules.
  • If you are importing into a different instance from which you exported (Dev and Prod on different instances):
    • Import rules are required, except in unusual cases.