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The RAND function generates a random real number between 0 and 1.  The function accepts an optional integer parameter, which causes the same set of random numbers to be generated with each job execution.

  • This function


  • generates values


  • of Decimal type


  • with fifteen digits of precision after the decimal point. If you want to see all digits in the generated value, you might need to apply a different number format. See NUMFORMAT Function.
  • New random numbers are generated within the browser, after each browser refresh, and between subsequent job executions.

Optionally, you can insert an integer as a parameter.

  • When this value is present, this seed value is used as part of the random number generator such that its output is a set of pseudo-random values, which are consistent between job executions.
  • When the browser is refreshed, the random numbers remain consistent when the seed value is present.

D s

D code

derive type:single value: RAND() as:'random'


In the following example, the source is simply the source column, and the random column is generated by the RAND function:



Tip: Keep in mind that for larger datasets the application displays only a sample of them. This method of randomization is applied when the panel is applied to the full dataset during job execution.