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  • When you mouse over a step, you can choose to edit or remove the step or perform other operations. See below.


    NOTE: If you select a step before the latest one in your recipe, the data grid is updated to reflect the state of the sample at that time. All subsequent steps are grayed out in the Recipe panel. When you run a job, all steps in the entire recipe are executed.


    NOTE: In a dataset that is shared, multiple users cannot make changes to the recipe at the same time.

  • To insert a new step, click where you want to insert and then click Add Step.

Above the panel, you can use the Undo and Redo buttons to step forward and backward through your steps.You cannot undo or redo swapping of samples. Select the sample again from the Sampling menu. See Samples Panel.

Recipe Options

  • New Step: Click this button to search for a transformation to insert as a new step in the recipe at the currently selected location. See Search Panel.
  • Click the X icon to close the panel.