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path(required) The fully qualified path to the output location where to write the results

(required) If the output file or directory exists, you can specify one of the following actions:

  • create - Create a new, parallel location, preserving the old results.
  • append - Add the new results to the old results.
  • overwrite - Replace the old results with the new results.

(required) Output format for the results. Specify one of the following values:

  • csv
  • json
  • avro
  • pqt


NOTE: Parquet format requires execution on a Hadoop running environment ( overrides.execution must be spark).


NOTE: To specify multiple output formats, create additional writesettings object for each output format.

compression(optional) For csv and json results, you can optionally compress them using bzip2 or gzip compression. Default is none.
header(optional) For csv results with action set to create or append, this value determines if a header row with column names is inserted at the top of the results. Default is false.
asSingleFile(optional) For csv and json results, this value determines if the results are concatenated into a single file or stored as multiple files. Default is false.