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deprecatedFeature or capability is no longer actively supported. It may still work, but future fixes or enhancements are unlikely.
end of lifeFeature or capability has been removed from the product.


Release 5.1

Diagnostics PageEOLThe diagnostics server and related Diagnostics Page have been removed from the product. This feature has been superseded by Tricheck, which is available to administrations through the application. See Admin Settings Page.
PostgreSQL 9.3deprecated

PostgreSQL 9.3 is scheduled for deprecation in September 2018.

Please upgrade to PostgreSQL 9.6, which is the only supported version for this release.

CDH 5.12deprecatedPlease upgrade to CDH 5.15.
wasb: storage protocoldeprecatedAll interactions with WASB now occur over wasbs: secure storage protocol.


  • New if function is designed to replace the ternary construct.
  • New Spark Profiler on Scala is the default Spark profiler. 
    • The old version, which required Spark, is still available for specific scenarios; we recommend using the new Spark Profiler on Scala.
    • See For more information, see Overview of Visual Profiling


For more information, please see 

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