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  • The 
    D s platform
     must be deployed in Microsoft Azure.  



NOTE: If you are using Azure AD to integrate with an Azure Databricks cluster, the Azure AD secret value stored in azure.secret must begin with an alphanumeric character. This is a known issue.

  • Nested folders are not supported when running jobs from Azure Databricks.
  • When a job is started and no cluster is available, a cluster is initiated, which can take up to four minutes. If the job is canceled during cluster startup:
    • The job is terminated, and the cluster remains. 
    • The job is reported in the application as Failed, instead of Canceled.
  • For ADLS integration, Azure Databricks integration does not support ADL user-mode authentication. Only system-mode authentication is supported.
  • Azure Databricks integration works with Spark 2.4.0 only. 
  • Azure Databricks integration does not work with Hive.
  • Use of partitioned tables in Azure Databricks is not supported.