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  • Sample sizes are 10 MB.
  • Quick scan sampling across the entire dataset is not supported.
  • All values displayed or generated in the application are based on the currently displayed sample. 
    • Transforms that generate new data may not factor values that are not present in the current sample.
    • When the job is executed, transforms are applied across all rows and values in the source data.
    • Transforms that make changes based on data values, such as header and valuestocols, will still be configured according to sample data at the time of that the step was added, instead at execution time. For example, all of the values detected in the sample are used to determine the columns of a valuestocols transform step based on the selected sample when the step was added.
  • Random samples are derived from up to the first 1 GB of the source file. 
    • Data from later parts of a multi-part file may not be included in the sample.
    • For more information, see Samples Panel.


  • The product supports a variety of global file encoding types for import. 

  • Within the application, UTF-8 encodings are displayed. 
    • Limited set of characters allowed in column names.
    • Header does not support all UTF-8 characters.
    • Emoji are not supported in data wrangling operations.
    • Umlauts and other international characters are not supported when filtering datasets in browsers of external datastores.
  • States and Zip Code Column Types and the corresponding maps in visual profiling apply only to the United States.
  • UTF-8 is generated in output.
  • UTF-32 encoding is not supported

NOTE: Some functions do not correctly account for multi-byte characters. Multi-byte metadata values may not be consistently managed.

Size Limits

File Size Limits

  • Maximum upload size for a file is 1 GB.

Sample Size Limits


D s photon



Limitations for
D s product





D s product
is a free product that is not intended for production uses. High volume or complex transformations, such as lookups, unions, pivots, or joins may cause the application to crash. If you are encountering persistent issues with this free product, please contact your
D s item


  • Integrations with backend data storage is not supported. All files must be uploaded and downloaded from the application.Connectivity to relational sources is not supported
  • Upload limit for a single file is 100 MB.
  • Results can be written to CSV or JSON format only.
    • Compression cannot be applied to outputs.
  • Total volume of storage is limited. See Data Usage Page.
  • The monthly count of jobs and total volume of downloaded data is limited. See Data Usage Page.
  • Sharing is not supported.
  • Scheduling is not supported.
  • No access to APIs.
  • All jobs are executed in the default running environment. Sampling Additional running environments are not supported.
  • Samples are generated across the entire dataset, and sampling jobs cannot be canceled.

Other Limitations

  • File Formats: Limitations may apply to individual file formats. See Supported File Formats .
  • Data Type Conversions: There are some limitations on how data types are converted during import or export/publication. See Type Conversions.