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This workspace setting can be overridden for individual flows. For more information, see Flow Optimization Settings Dialog.

SQL Scripts

When enabled, users may define SQL scripts to execute as part of a job's run. Scripts can be executed before data ingestion, after output publication, or both through any write-supported relational connection to which the user has access.

For more information, see Create Output SQL Scripts.

Photon execution

When enabled, users can choose to execute their jobs on

D s photon
, a proprietary running environment built for execution of small- to medium-sized jobs in memory on the
D s node


When enabled, users are permitted to select a preferred language in their preferences. See Preferences Page.

Wrangle to Python Conversion

EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE: When enabled, you can use an API endpoint to generate Python Pandas code that completes the steps required to generate an output in Python.


This feature may be modified or removed in a future release without warning. It is intended for demonstration purposes only and should not be enabled in a production environment.

For more information, see API Workflow - Wrangle Output to Python.