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When you are ready to test your recipe against the entire dataset, click Run Job in the Transformer page. In the Run Job page, you specify the output formats and any compression to apply. Unless you are working with a large dataset, compression is unneeded for this basic walkthrough.


To queue the specified job for execution, click Run Job.

The job is queued up for processing. After the job has completed, you can view the results of successful executions through the Jobs page. See Jobs Page. 

You can track progress in the Job Details page.

  • If visual profiling was enabled for the job, click


  • the Profile tab
  • When the job is completed, you can access results in the Output destinations tab.
  • For more information, see Job Details Page.


In the Profile tab of the Job Details page, you can review the effects of the transformation recipe across the entire dataset. Statistics and data histograms provide overall visibility into the quality of your transformation recipe.