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When you make selections in the Transformer page, 

D s product
 responds by posting a set of suggestions for transformations to apply to the selected data in the sample. You can experiment with these suggestions to see what properly transformations your data.

Select Something

Selection Hints:


  • You may select categories of values in a column's data quality bar: Valid, Mismatched, and Missing.
  • You may select one or more values in a column's histogram. Use SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple values.
  • Click a column for column-based operations. Click additional columns to add to your selection. Click a selected column to deselect.
  • Select a whole or partial cell value to prompt suggestions for managing that specific string of data.


    Tip: If you CTRL-select multiple partial values in a column of numeric data, the suggestion cards apply to the pattern that matches your selected strings. This does not apply to string data.


    NOTE: In the data grid, selection of multiple values in a column is not supported for prompting of suggestions. However, through the Column Details panel, you can review and select patterns to triggers suggestions for sets of multiple values in your column. See Column Details Panel.

In the Column Browser or Column Details:



For more information, see  Suggestion Cards Selection Details Panel.

Decide on the Suggestion