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Tip: You can also open the Samples panel by clicking the Eyedropper icon at the top of the page.

To review all samples that you have created, see Sample Jobs Page.

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Samples Panel



NOTE: If you add recipe steps that change the number of rows in your dataset (or a few other edge case steps), some of your existing samples may no longer be valid. When you execute a join, union, or delete action or edit steps before this action, you may be prompted with the Change Recipe dialog, which includes the following message:

Your change will invalidate some of the currently available samples for this source. The invalid samples will be deactivated.

For more information on the types of transformations that can invalidate samples, see Reshaping Steps.

Cancel sample jobs

You can cancel a sample job that is currently being executed.

  • In the Samples panel, locate the job in-progress. Click the X.
  • You can also review and cancel sample jobs through a page in the
    D s webapp
    . For more information, see Sample Jobs Page.