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You already have a set of connections that you can use. Connections can be either read-only or read-write.


  1. In the Home page, click the Library icon in the left nav bar. 
  2. In the Library page, click Import Data.
  3. In the Import Data page, your list of available connections is displayed in the left nav bar. In this location, you can use the listed connections to read from data only. 

See Import Data Page.




Tip: To get to the Connections page from anywhere in the

D s webapp
, click the


Connections icon in the left nav bar.


See Connections

See Connections Page.

Use Connections


  1. In the Import Data page, select one of the available connections. 
  2. Navigate through the connection to select the asset to import.
  3. Select the object and click Open.
  4. In the Import Data page, review the settings of the asset in the card in the right panel. Make updates as needed. 


  1. In the Connections page, locate the connection you wish to share.
  2. In the context menu for the connection, select Share....
  3. Specify the type of sharing from the drop-down and, if applicable, the users with whom you wish to share.

See Share Connection WindowDialog.

Delete Connection


NOTE: You can delete a connection only if you are the connection owner and the connection is not used to import any datasets.