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  • Use the Search bar to perform real-time searches of connection types.
  • Click one of the categories to browse for connection types that apply to the listed environment.
  • Select the type of connection to continue:
    • Import only - Connection can be used only to import data into the platform.
    • Publish only - Connection can be used only to publish data from the platform to the connection target.

    • Import and publish - Connection can be used to import data and to publish your outputs.

NOTE: Some connection types may not be available. For a connection of this type has been created, its connection card is disabled. Tip: Early Preview connection types provide read-only access to the designated datastore. These limited-support connection types provide early access so that you can get started using your data. For more information, see Early Preview Connection Types.


Tip: Click I'm interested to upvote adding the connection type to the

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. Help chart the future direction of connectivity!

For more information on these connections, See Connection Types.