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  • To change the data type, click the type indicator next to the column title in the Column Details panel.
  • To perform commands on the column, select from the drop-down next to the column title. For more information, see Column Menus.
  • Use the data quality bar to select categories of values: valid, mismatched, or missing. The context panel is updated based on your selection with recommended recipe steps. See Suggestion Cards Selection Details Panel.

Patterns tab

In the Patterns tab, you can review patterns identified by the platform in the selected column's data and then create steps based on patterns that you select. Pattern profiling automatically finds and groups clusters of the column's values based on similarities in format and structure, such as differently formatted phone numbers, addresses, log entries, and name fields. For example, if some of your dataset's address values include apartment numbers, you can create a split transform based on a pattern that includes the apartment numbers.