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NOTE: Enablement of specific features or integration with external sources may have additional requirements listed in any referenced content.




The node where the 

D s item
 is to be installed should meet the following requirements:


ItemDescriptionStatus or Value

Cluster Compression

The platform can integrate with clusters that are compressed using Bzip2, Gzip, or Snappy. For more information, see Enable Integration with Compressed Clusters in the Configuration Guide. 

Single Sign-On

The application can integrate with the following Single Sign-On solutions:


SSL for the platform

You can apply an SSL certificate to the

for secure communications. For more information, see Install SSL Certificate in the Install Guide.



You can manage aspects of your flows, datasets, and connections through publicly available Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs). For more information, see API Reference in the Developer's Guide. 


You can create custom user-defined functions for deployment into the platform.

For more information on the list of available functions, see Language Index in the Language Reference Guide.

For more information on UDFs, see User-Defined Functions in the Developer's Guide.