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Defaults for each running environment:

  • For the Photon
    D s photon
    running environment, samples are limited to 10 MB. 
  • For more information on changing sample sizes, see Running Environment Options.

Job Size Limits

Execution on a Hadoop Spark running environment is recommended for any files over 5GB in net data size, including join keys.  


  • S3 integration is supported only over AWS-hosted instances of S3.
  • Oracle Java Runtime 1.8 must be installed on the node hosting the product.
  • Writing to S3 requires use of S3 as the base storage layer. For more information, see Set Base Storage Layer.
  • When publishing single files to S3, you cannot apply an append publishing action.




  • Only HiveServer2

    is supported.

    High availability for Hive is not supported.


    NOTE: High Availability for Hive is automatically supported when the product is installed on Azure and integrated with an HDI cluster. See Configure for Azure.

  • You can create only one connection of this type.
  • When reading from a partitioned table, the product reads from all partitions, which impacts performance.
  • For more information, see Configure for Hive.


  • The product supports explicit versions of each JDBC source.
  • Jobs for JDBC sources must be executed on the
    running environment.
  • Writing to JDBC sources is not supported in this release.