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NOTE: Administrators of the platform should change the default password for the admin account. See Change Admin Password.

To login to the 

D s webapp
, navigate to the following in your browser:



  • <host_name> is the host of the 
    D s webapp
  • <port_number> is the port number to use. Default is 3005

If you do not have an account, click Register.

  • If self-registration is enabled, you you may be able to immediately login after registering.
  • If Kerberos or secure impersonation is enabled, an administrator must apply a Hadoop principal value to the account before you can login. Please contact your
    D s item
  • System administrators can enable self-registration. See Configure User Self-Registration.

After you login, you are placed in the Flows page, where you can create and manage your datasets and flows. See Flows Page.

  • If you are using S3 as your base storage layer, you or your
    D s item
    must provide the AWS access key, secret, and storage bucket identifiers to connect to your storage. To do it yourself, click Configure Storage Settings. See User Profile Page.
  • For a basic walkthrough of the 
    D s webapp
    , see Workflow Basics.

To logout:

From the Settings menu, select Logout.