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  • The 
    D s platform
     is integrated with an EMR cluster:
    • EMR version 5.8.0 or later
    • EMR cluster has been configured with HiveServer2
  • The Hive deployment must be integrated with AWS Glue.


    NOTE: Hive connections are supported when S3 is the backend datastore.

  • For HiveServer2 connectivity, the 
    D s node
     has direct access to the Master node of the EMR cluster.
  • Hive metastore must be configured to use AWS Glue
  • For Hive on AWS EMR to access AWS Glue, EMR roles assigned to the cluster should have the AWS Glue functions in their IAM roles. For more information, see

Required Glue table properties

Each Glue table must be created with the following properties specified:

  • InputFormat
  • OutputFormat
  • Serde 

These properties must be specified for the Hive JDBC driver to read the Glue tables.

For additional limitations on access Hive tables through Glue, see


  • Access is read-only. Publishing to Hive hosted on EMR is not supported.
  • You cannot select datasets through the Database browser in the 

    D s webapp


    NOTE: Use of this integration requires the development of custom SQL queries against the AWS Glue metadata store.