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S3 does not guarantee that at any time the files that have been written to a directory will be consistent with the files available for reading. S3 does guarantee that eventually the files are in sync.

This guarantee is important for some platform jobs that write data to S3 and then immediately attempt to read from the written data.

This timeout defines how long the platform waits for this guarantee. If the timeout is exceeded, the job is failed. The default value is 120.

Depending on your environment, you may need to modify this value.


This value should be the S3 endpoint DNS name value.


NOTE: Do not include the protocol identifier.

Example value:

Code Block

If your S3 deployment is either of the following:

  • located in a region that does not support the default endpoint, or
  • v4-only signature is enabled in the region

Then, you can specify this setting to point to the S3 endpoint for Java/Spark services. This value should be the S3 endpoint DNS name value.

For more information on this location, see


Restart services. See Start and Stop the Platform.