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For more information, see API Connections Create v3.

Additional Configuration Options


Configure Hive connection for high availability availability

Minimum requirements:


NOTE: High availability for Hive is supported for HDP 2.6 or HDP 3.0 using Hive 2.x only. Other Hive integrations are not supported.

  • Multiple Hive servers and metastores are required.
  • A minimum of three Zookeeper server is required.


  1. Login to Ambari.
  2. In the left nav bar, select Hive
  3. Copy the HiveServer2 JDBC URL to the clipboard.
  4. Paste it into a text editor. Example:

    Code Block

  5. When you create the connection in 
    D s product
    1. Host: Specify the hosts listed in the JDBC URL, removing the protocol and port identifiers. From the above example, the value is the following:

      Code Block

    2. Port Number: From the example, it is this value:

      Code Block

    3. Connect String Options: From the example, you must prepend the remainder with the identifier of the principal, as in the following:

      Code Block

  6. Specify the other properties accordingly. 
  7. To test:
    1. Run a job sourced from the first Hive server.
    2. If possible, disable the first listed Hive server to test failover access.