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  1. Navigate to the following:
    1. Centos/RHEL 6.x:
    2. All other operating system versions:
  2. Complete any required licensing steps.
  3. Download this version: Tableau SDK for C/C++/Java (64-bit).
  4. Transfer the file to the 
    D s node
    1. Extract it in a directory where the trifacta account has read and execute permissions.


      NOTE: The above directory should be located outside of the install directory for the platform software.

    2. Retain the path to this directory. This directory is assumed to have the following name: <tableau-extract-dir>
  5. Platform configuration must be updated to point to this SDK. 
    D s config
  6. Update the following property:

    Code Block
    "batch-job-runner.env.LD_LIBRARY_PATH" = "<tableau-extract-dir>/lib64/tableausdk/"

  7. Add to the Batch Job Runner classpath to the current classpath (<current_classpath_values>). You must replace <tableau-extract-dir> with the path where you extracted the Tableau Server SDK: 

    Code Block
    "batch-job-runner.classpath" ="<current_classpath_values>:<tableau-extract-dir>/lib64/tableausdk/Java/tableaucommon.jar:<tableau-extract-dir>/lib64/tableausdk/Java/tableauserver.jar:<tableau-extract-dir>/lib64/tableausdk/Java/tableauextract.jar"

  8. Save your changes and restart the platform.


Workspace administrators must enable workspace users to publish to TDE format. For more information, see Workspace Admin Page.

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