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This section provides overview information on the key data and metadata that should be managed by your enterprise backup and recovery policies. 


NOTE: This section covers how to perform a basic cold backup of the product. Hot backups are not supported.


All backups should be performed in accordance with your enterprise's backup and recovery policies.

Stop All Services

Before you begin, the 

D s platform
 and databases should be stopped. See Start and Stop the Platform.

Backup Platform Files

The following directories on the

 should be backed up on a regular basis:


Database NameDatabaseIdDescription
Trifacta DB


Stores users and metadata for flows, including datasets, and recipes.
Jobs DBtrifacta-activitiStores and maintains job execution status and details.
Scheduling DBtrifactaschedulingserviceStores metadata for scheduled jobs.
Time-based Trigger DBtrifactatimebasedtriggerserviceAdditional database required for scheduled jobs.
Configuration Service DBtrifactaconfigurationserviceStores configuration settings for the workspace.
Artifact Storage Service DBtrifactaartifactstorageserviceStores feature usage data such value mappings for the standardization feature.

For more information on setting up these databases, see Install Databases.


Code Block
pg_dump trifactaconfigurationservice > trif_confservDB_bkup_<date>.sql

Artifact Storage DB:

Code Block
pg_dump trifactaartifactstorageservice > trif_artifactstorageservDB_bkup_<date>.sql


For more information on command options, see


Code Block
mysqldump trifactaconfigurationservice > trif_confservDB_bkup_<date>.sql

Artifact Storage DB:

Code Block
mysqldump trifactaartifactstorageservice > trif_artifactstorageservDB_bkup_<date>.sql


You can schedule nightly execution of these backups using a third-party scheduler such as cron.


You can restart the 

D s platform
 now. See Start and Stop the Platform.


See Platform Rollback.