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You can parameterize your input paths to import source files as part of the same imported dataset. For more information, see Overview of Parameterization

Folder selection:


NOTE: Avoid including spaces in the paths to your ADLS sources. Spaces in the path value can cause errors during execution on Databricks.

When you select a folder in ADLS to create your dataset, you select all files in the folder to be included. Notes:



If your deployment is using ADLS, do not use the trifacta/uploads directory. This directory is used for storing uploads and metadata, which may be used by multiple users. Manipulating files outside of the

D s webapp
can destroy other users' data. Please use the tools provided through the interface for managing uploads from ADLS.


Users can specify a default output home directory and, during job execution, an output directory for the current





Access to results:

Depending on how the platform is integrated with ADLS, other users may or may not be able to access your job results.